fun, fun, fun.


Honestly, the title of this post wasn't even ment to sound sarcastic (as it typically would when I'm writing a blogpost). I actually did enjoy the past weekend even though I had to study for two more exams which I have this week. As I've already mentioned in the last post, there's currently a small festival going on in a town nearby the one I that live in. I guess you can even call it a little theme park, since there are many different attractions like merry-go-rounds and so on.. Basically, all you do there is walk around and look at the little fleamarket booths to your left and right as you walk across the meadow (which we lovingly call "Ramschstandln" here in Austria- which means that those people only sell trash) - but still, it's nice to look at it.

For years, I've also had this perfect timing of seeing something really ugly and going: "Ugh! Oh my god, how disgusting! Who the hell would buy THAT?!" And in the exact same moment the person standing behind me would jump at it and yell at their boyfriend or mother: "Looooook! It's soooo cool, I have to have it!!" (We're talking about a manly, grey oversized T-shirt with a tiger on it who has rhinestones coming out of his mouth while he's dancing on some sort of flames) 

 - Don't get me wrong, everyone should buy whatever they want to buy if they like it and think it's beautiful. I just personally wouldn't be caught dead wearing that. -

Of course this blog wouldn't be what it is, if there were no mentioning of the food. :) Basically, you can only expect to eat greasy and oily food when you're at a "Kirtag" like this one, so if you dislike lángos, sausages or any kind of fried food, you better eat at home before. But you can definitely always get some fantastic icecream or other sweet treats there.. 

One thing that can never be missed at an event like this one are the gingerbread hearts with cheesy quotes written on them like "For my sweetheart", "Only for you", "I like you" or my personal favourite "Don't hit on me, you've already got enough problems". 

Awww.. Kirtag. I secretly love it, even though I'm always pretending to hate it. :)

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