lovely people.

Besides loving to spend time with my best and oldest friends, with whom I can always laugh and be myself with,- I also must say that I've made some wonderful new friends as well in the last year that have become very dear to me. 
First of all, -and that was two days ago- I've had a lovely evening with one of my art history colleagues from university - called Anja (I've already mentioned her in one of the last posts). She picked me up after work at about 7pm and we went to get dinner at Levante (yes, I love Levante, as all of you guys probably already know) :). I couldn't help but stare at her the whole evening, since she had just come back from the hairdresser to get the ultimate Ombré-Look that she's been wanting for many months now. And the results looked absolutely stunning. I was really impressed by how natural her haircolour was and couldn't help but oversee her big grin she had on her face the rest of the evening. (Knowing that she would approve of me showing this picture to the public)- Here's a photo of her stunningly beautiful look:

After dinner we thought .. why not take a walk through the first district of Vienna (with the aim of getting some delicious Zanoni ice cream later)? So we took an evening stroll through the city and 15 minutes later arrived at our location of desire- Zanoni. I got myself chocolate and hazelnut ice cream flavours- and they were DELICIOUS (as they always are). 

While eating our ice cream we kept on talking for hours and eventually went home in the evening. :)

Yesterday was another really nice day filled with laughter, food and wonderful people. After a long workday, my colleagues and I decided to pack all of our stuff and go watch the sunset in one of Vienna's most beautiful parks nearby the museum we work in. It's called "Burggarten". So we rolled out our blankets and had a nice little picnic in the sun. It was fantastic! We had so much fun talking about all kinds of insider-jokes concerning our workplace, but course other things as well. 

We all brought some snacks and drinks for everybody and simply sat in the grass 'till late in the evening. 
Since the park closes precisely at 10pm we packed up our stuff 10 minutes earlier and went home happily and with overfilled stomachs! :) 

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