wedding preparations.


Hi guys! :) Before I can finally show you some awesome pictures of my sis' and her husband's wedding last Friday, I will console you with some other insights on some of the wedding preparations last week ..
First of all.. I had to pack all the presents for C&C which consisted of the following things:

Chocolate treats.
I actually also bought ten additonal pounds of Cadbury chocolate for them in London besides this Harrods Fudge package! :)

Home deco-stuff. 
As I know that both of them are totally fond of H&M Home items and their apartment is filled with some of those, I bought them these really cute things.. :)

Beauty Stuff.
Haha, just realized, I forgot to take a picture of those. But you can see parts of them on the upper photos- some candles from Primark and a Lush Rose Heart! :)

The rest.
I couldn't think of a better title for that picture, sorry :). The apron you can see here is also from H&M Home and says: "Bless this mess or do it yourself." I love it! :)
Back in London I totally fell in love with this wonderful shop on Oxford Street called "Paperchase". I've never heard of it before and really digged their shop window, so I went inside.. and almost fainted out of sheer excitement!! Their products are fantastic! They've got these great simply yet chic cardboard present boxes in different colours, cute little photobooks, travel supplies .. it's basically a crafts store! I couldn't get enough of it! So I bought this black paper bag, a passport cover and some luggage labels- which I used as "thank you" labels for the cupcakes (that Esther baked of course..) I would later give to the wedding guests at the party! :) 
Last but not least.. a photobook! That one I've just mentioned above. I bought that one at Paperchase as well and borrowed a Polaroid camera from my friend Lilly in order to spontaneously take pictures at the wedding and later give them to C&C after dinner. :) On each page I glued on a picture of each wedding guest pair and on the opposite side they wrote some short yet cute words, wishing the wedding couple good luck and so on.. C&C were totally surprised and delighted when I gave it to them. :)

The cupcakes.
Kindly enough, Esther offered to bake some lovely Black and White cupcakes for C&C's wedding :). Since their wedding cake was coloured in Black and White, I decided to get some cute black cupcake boxes as well! I originally found them on Amazon, however, the postal charges to Austria were extremely high so was looking for something similar. Coincidentally, I found the exact same ones on an Austrian cupcake supplies website managed by a young student who lives only a block away from my apartment. So that way I didn't have to pay postal charges as I went over there I picked them up myself. :) 
I also made some sweet little logos for Esther (which I put on the inside of the box) to advertise her a little bit.

In the next post you'll see the finished package the way it was given to the wedding guests! :) Have a nice day! :)

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