bye bye summer.

Oh guys.. I can just feel it. Temperatures are falling, the air is getting crisp, it's raining more often ... I get cravings for my favourite alcoholic beverage "Sturm"... autumn's coming. Slowly, but it is. But hey, no need to be sad! :) I personally had a wonderful summertime full of grillparties, family reunions combined with wonderful weather and exciting trips,-  I hope you enjoyed summer too! I guess, you're all already getting tired of blogpost names such as "wonderful trip" or "summer trip" or "trip-tastic", but I really must say.. I just LOVE taking trips! :) The last trip my family and I made wasn't actually a trip. Two weeks ago, early in the morning, I had to go to Vienna in order to go through some books in the library while my parents went shopping. Four hours later we decided to meet at the parking garage and to go to one of our favourite spots to get lunch after spending a day in Vienna. It's called Sooss (funny name, I know :) ), and that place is full of "Heurigen" (I guess you're also already getting tired of that word) which is kind of a typical Austrian tavern selling homegrown wine. The one we were in had a lovely little garden .. 

My parents and I ordered a typical Austrian meal: potato salad and Schnitzel! Surschnitze actually, to be more precise, which is the saltier version of a Schnitzel. Mmmmmmm, yummm!! :)

And of course, to raise our calorie intake and make our perfect day of eating even more perfect, we indulged in some incredible homemade desserts.

With bellies bigger than hot-air balloons we drove home saturated and rested for a couple of hours. In the evening my mum proudly presented her newest bag purchase to me, that she had bought earlier in Vienna.

 Lovely, isn't it? :)

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