cleaning day.

You know that feeling when you sit on your bed, look around the room and suddenly go: "What's that smell?! Oh yeah right, that's just my apartment." I had that exact realization yesterday morning after I had arrived in Vienna again and quickly decided to do something about it.

STEP Tie your hair together! 
'Cause no bun, no fun! Ha!.. :)

STEP Start the cleaning process! 
And believe you me, that took some time. To motivate myself, actually. However, I really must say, the endless repetition of Tina Turner's Best Of Playlist on Youtube really got me goin'! 

First, I had to sort out everything I didn't need anymore and devided my stuff into two basic piles: TRASH and KEEP. (And no mum,- if you're reading this- the picture above is not a portrayal of my apartment's permanent condition. The picture was taken during the cleaning process.) :)

Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures of myself lying on the floor sweating and crying before, during and after the cleaning process- (which took me almost 6 hours by the way), which would have been quite funny in retrospect.. But whatever. Maybe next time.

STEP Finish! And take pictures of the finished work to prove to your parents and the world that you are not such a messy person after all!

6 hours later I was exhausted but happy. I decided to reward myself with a lovely meal, some freshly squeezed orange juice and some flowers from the supermarket around the corner. 

While rewatching season 6 episodes of SATC I fell asleep drooling on my pyjamas out of sheer exertion and tiredness. :)

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