wedding flashback.


Good evening everybody! As some of you might know, my sister got married almost two weeks ago. And finally- yes,- FINALLY the long wait is over! I've uploaded some of the pictures I took at C&C's wedding :)! It really was a wonderful summer day filled with tears, laughter and lots of delicious food. The wedding itself took place in a lovely hotel in Vienna. Before and after the actual ceremony we gathered outside in the hotel's inner yard, where there's a beautiful little garden with olive trees. But let me start at the very beginning. - 

Me, my boyfriend and my family arrived at the hotel an hour before the actual wedding.  While they were checking in at their hotel rooms, I hurried to my sister's and Clemens' suite to get a glimpse at Conny's lovely wedding dress and to take some "before the wedding" pictures. Conny's best friends had arrived early as well and helped with the preparations.

As the watch hand got closer and closer to number 5, we knew it was time to go downstairs and welcome the guests in the lovely hotel garden.

At 5:30 sharp we went inside to get ready for the wedding ceremony :). And seriously you guys, looking at these pictures, I could easily start crying again..


I've honestly never seen my sister happier or more excited in her entire life.

Right after the ceremony we went outside again to raise our glasses to the newlyweds! Before we proceeded to one of my favourite parts of that day - dinner :) -  we still took some group photos of everybody. 

 The happy couple.. :)

After dinner, C&C's groomsmen and maid of honour held a lovely speech,.. friends and family gave presents to the happy couple. What Conny didn't expect though was a speech from our father who insisted on saying some sweet words at the end of the evening as well. He shared some very touching yet also highly amusing anecdotes of Conny's life and of course also included Clemens into his speech.
Since we had to leave the garden dinner table shortly before midnight (due to the hotel rules) we went inside and gathered at the cool hotel bar where I eventually handed out the cupcakes Esther baked for every guest that was leaving- as a thank you present! :) Everyone really enjoyed it, and so did I of course. So thanks again Esther for your delicious treats! Here's a pic of one of the cupcake boxes to give you an idea of what they looked like! :) 
And then there was nothing else left to do but to go to sleep!

The next day we all awoke happy yet awfully tired due to the after party in the bar that went on for hours! It was so much fun, believe me, but after taking a million pictures that evening and filming, and organizing stuff I was totally exhausted. But it was all worth it!

In the morning we had a fantastic brunch in the hotel restaurant. 

 Clemens was wearing his new favourite shirt that definitely fit the occasion. 

After brunch, we went up to C&C's suite to take some of the flowers from the table decoration with us, since the newlyweds were leaving for their honeymoon the next day and therefore did not have any use for them.

All in all it was a fantastic day full of new memories that we will carry in our hearts forever. CONGRATS TO C&C, I YOU and WISH YOU ALL THE BEST.

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