sunday boredom.


Hey guys! :) Oh boy, oh boy. I really gotta say. Today's a typical sunday. I'm pretty sure you know what I mean, right..? If not, let me illustrate my sunday-routine for you .. maybe you can check off some of the listed points that feel most similar to your life as well..

► You manage to get out of bed. This is actually the one point that takes up the most time, energy, motivation and overcoming.. at least for me.

►You put on your favourite snugly hoodie.
►You brush your teeth.
►You go to the toilet, of course.
►You have lunch. Or breakfast and later lunch.
►You start staring at the rainy weather outside.
►You go back to bed. This is actually the one point that takes up the least time, energy, motivation and overcoming.. at least for me. :)
►You stay in bed and sleep while watching bad TV.
►You remember having to take an exam in about a month.
►You moaningly get up again, search for your book, open the first page and put it right next to you. You go "Oh wow, that's enough work for today", close the book and go back to sleep totally exhausted.
►You realize that it's already 6:20 pm and that you overslept almost the whole day and nervously do most of the work right then and there.
You start reading 20 pages of your book, summarize the information on a piece of paper, take a shower, eat, turn on the laptop, eat again, check FB, eat again, check Instagram, eat again, check blogs while eating, then eat again.
►You decide to start a diet tomorrow.
►You decide to start a dream journal tomorrow.
►You revise the last two plans out of sheer laziness.
►You remember that you haven't been posting anything on your blog for about a week now and go: "Oh my god!"
►You sit down and write an absolute unnecessary, utterly boring post that will cost you at least 3 followers.
►You start putting nivea creme all over your face and laugh at the result.
►You go online shopping. And by 'online shopping' I mean: put everything you like in the cart, realize that you would have to pay 620€ for your purchase and leave the site again while crying.
►You look at Youtube videos.
Like this one:

Or this one:

Ha! Or this one:

Aww. Or this one:

(I'm a huge Boy meets World Fan, and hands down- I couldn't imagine anyone to be a cuter couple than Cory and Topanga!) :) My god, this video is cheesy. Awesome!  
Alright.. Just realized I have to rewatch episodes from Boy Meets World again. Right now.
►You brush your teeth.
►You go to bed.
►You watch Boy Meets World. 

Haha, or at least that's what I'm going to do right now. Have a nice Sunday, guys! :)


  1. aw i really enjoy your post, it's so funny and true omg. Love your blog! Marie xx

  2. Haha, thanks Marie! You're too kind! :) V.