i'm back, baby!


Why, hello there! I haven't posted anything in a while and I wish I could excuse that by saying something like »I have been so busy, there just wasn't enough time, ...« but the ugly truth is: I was too lazy to blog. Plus, I didn't have anything to blog about! I didn't do anything these past couple of weeks. First, I had to work, then I had the flu and after that I just wasn't motivated to do anything. When I was sick I just lay in my bed surrounded by dozens of tissues, listened to Christmas songs, drank gallons of tea and pretended it was snowing outside while laughing hysterically at my own stupidity which always triggered horrible coughing fits.

However, today I had breakfast with two friends at »Nöbauer«, which is a nice little pastry shop. It was so nice to get out of the house again!

After breakfast I got to see the holiday photos of Lisa M., drove home, had lunch and decided to sew a dress. Sewing is, in fact, my latest hobby. As I told you a couple of weeks ago, I reorganized my room (I'm going to post some pictures soon) and am now in possession of my mother's sewing machine! The day before yesterday I sewed a cropped top, which turned out ok, for my first try - as did the dress. I probably should add that it was the first time I ever sewed a shirt and a dress - plus, I didn't have a pattern/guideline - I just did what I thought I should, so if any of you actually know how to sew, please don't look too closely because I probably/obviously/clearly made a lot of mistakes :)

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