zara boutique hotel.


Good morning everyone! :) I'm so happy 'cause the trip to Budapest that I'm taking with my boyfriend over New Year's Eve is finally completely booked! About a month ago we've decided to stay at the Zara Boutique Hotel, which seems to be a lovely, small yet very classy hotel. Even though we couldn't decide between two hotels, I was the one who kind of forced my bf to let us try something new and to go to a hotel that we've never been before. Also, the room charge was much cheaper, so our final decision was: Zara Boutique Hotel

The room itself is quite small I guess, but the design is very appealing, in my opinion. I think it's fascinating that hotel rooms here in Austria are mostly ridiculously overpriced and not even that pretty,- when on the opposite side the hungarian hotels always offer fantasticly stylish rooms at affordable prices and many cool amenities such as an extra Spa or Wellness Center.
Our particular room is a so called "relax room" with executive amenities and services. While you have to check out at 10am in the city room, you can have a late check out (6pm) when you book the relax room. We figured, since we were going to stay up very late on New Years Eve, it would be much better being able to sleep for long hours on January 1st. Besides the typical amenities like LCD television with satellite channels, High speed WIFI, Mini bar and In-room safe, there are some additonal amenities like:

Early check-in from 10:00 AM 
Late check-out until 18:00 PM
Tea and Coffee making facilities
Non-alcoholic welcome drink
Special hand made chocolate

(That last point instantly made it clear that I wanna stay at this hotel). :)

As I already said, we'd already booked this hotel about a month ago, however we still needed to book the train tickets, as we were awaiting the special reductions on the Austrian railway website. Luckily enough we got some great deals! :) We still, however, don't really have a plan on where to go or what to do on New Year's Eve. We'll arrive the day before and probably go around town to drink some punch and glance at the beautiful lights of the city. On New Year's Eve itself we might go to a lovely boat restaurant that we'd visited back in February and later walk to the Buda Castle to enjoy the midnight fireworks. After that we might get some goulash soup at the café New York (or at least I really want to do that!) :) At 3pm we'll be on our train back to Vienna.

I'm already really looking forward to this trip and if you have ANY advice on what to do in Budapest or maybe in another city abroad,- please tell me, I'd be happy to hear it. :)

Have a nice weekend you guys! :)

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  1. That looks like once of the nicer boutique hotels nyc has and reminds me of when I stayed @ the SohoGrand.