Boy, I just love to travel.. Travelling's probably the most inspiring, exciting and awesome hobby anyone could ever have. Even though I definitely haven't seen much of this world yet, I do believe that I've already found my favourite cities so far. Those would be: Venice, New York City, London, Rome and San Francisco. However, there are still so many other places I would just love to see which I will now introduce to you in today's blogpost. :)

C H I C A G O.

I guess, I'm just one giant America-afficionado. While others would probably much rather spend their money on a trip to Australia, India or China, - I'd personally prefer to see more of America first, before exploring other parts of this world. Chicago has always been on my travel check list,- not only because I'm a huge Emergency Room fanatic,- also because I just imagine it to be one extremely versatile city. While Chicago's a modern metropolis with skyscrapers that do remind me of NYC a little bit, there's also a beach and a river situated in and around the city. Chicago's definitely the next American city I am going to visit. If I can ever afford it, of course.. :)

P R O V E N C E.

Just looking at that picture makes my eyes glow! I've always wanted to go to Provence and experience those magical, seemingly unreal and surrealistically beautiful lavender fields for myself. I'd probalby take so many pictures that my camera would eventually explode and I'd need to drown my sorrow in a glass of wine or do some retail therapy in the next soap store nearby.

T U S C A N Y.

Same thing here. Tuscany seems like such a beautiful, cultivated and quiet place that you just have to appreciate. I'm sure I'd instantly fall in love with all those beautiful gardens, villas and other typical surroundings of this region, mainly nourishing on salami, olive oil and cantuccini. :)

P A R I S.

Even though I've already been to Paris once, back in the year 2000 when I was 9 years old, I can't really remember a thing. If I were there today, I'd probably stroll along the Seine with a croissant in my left hand and (of course) a camera in my right hand, enthusiastically run around Eiffel Tower like a crazy person and watch the sunset at Montmartre. Oh, and the architecture of course! I'd love to see all the cathedrals there- especially Notre Dame, as I am currently learning all about cathedrals in the early 13th century. Not to forget the museums, the cafés and fashion stores.. :)

 C A P E   T O W N.

When I was kid I watched Lion King over a hundred million times,- and I've always thought.. "one day, I'm gonna go to Africa.. and look at the lions." And almost 10 years later I still want to. This doesn't really have anything to do with Cape Town though,- I'd just like to finish my thought first :)- There's this one part in Lion King where Simba sees his father Mufasa at night and runs across the veld: (it's at the end of this video clip!)

I remember watching this scene over and over and over again, and imagining to run across that veld exactly like Simba does. This seemingly endless veld at night, with a clear sky over my head and the stars shining bright at me. It would be magic, I guess. Due to the fact though, that I am a huge scaredy-cat, I'd probably never overcome my fears and go on a safari trip, where I'd risk being attacked by a meerkat, baboon- or even worse- Rafiki himself. So therefore I have decided,- if I'm ever gonna go to Africa it'll most likely be a city like Cape Town.. with cafés, shops and infrastructure.. where I won't get attacked by Rafiki. Hopefully.

L U X O R/M E D I N A T  H A B U.

Since I have studied Egyptology as an additional curriculum at university besides Art History, I am extremely interested in seeing some of the most gigantic and colossal architectural masterpieces in Egypt. One of my greatest longings would be to see the Luxor Temple, the Valley of the Kings  and the Mortuary Temple of Hatshepsut (picture above).

 G I Z A.

While in Egypt I'd love to see the Pyramids of Giza as well. Since going to Giza or other parts of Egypt near the capital would be a dangerous undertaking at the moment, I will wait for another couple of years,- but one day, I'll visit those sights.
M Y K O N O S.

Actually, my boyfriend and I are planning to go to Greece next summer, however we're not sure where to stay yet. As Mykonos is considered to be one of the most beautiful, relaxing yet also entertaining cities of Greece, I personally would like to go there first. :)

A T H E N S.

Athens. Again, due to my studies at university and my growing interest concerning ancient times and history, I would just love to spend a week or two in this marvellous city. :) 

D U B R O V N I K.

Last but not least- Dubrovnik. I've always been a huge fan of Croatia, since the ocean there is (for European standards) very clean and nice! Dubrovnik seems to combine both of my passions - lying on the beach but being able to go to the city any time. :)

What places would you like to visit the most? 
Have a nice day!



  1. Ich würde wahrscheinlich generell durch Europas Städte reisen (Amsterdam Brüssel Paris Barcelona Rom etc), Interesse habe ich ansonsten für die griechischen Inseln, Kapstadt, Bali, Australien, NYC, New Orleans, California und Marokko (!!!) :~)

  2. Das sind hervorragende Ziele! :) Rom ist wirklich empfehlenswert. Barcelona, Marocco und Bali sollte ich auch noch zu meiner Liste hinzufügen... danke für den Tipp und dein Kommentar! :) V.