Hi guys! :) Today I've decided to show you a few of my recently-bought-products. Products that I've been using for years or that I've recently discovered. So let's start, shall we? 

First of all, here's a little something that I've been unable to live without for over 3 years now: the eyeshadow palette from H&M. Honestly, I don't know a whole lot about makeup. I just know what suits me, my look and my skin. So I don't really care for high class makeup brands (except of when it comes to foundations maybe)..  As I grew tired of always having to pay 6€ or more for just one shade of eyeshadow, I've decided to try out the NUDES eyeshadow palette from H&M for only 4,95€. It was immediately clear to me that I was  going to use this palette for the rest of my life, - or let's say, for the rest of my youth. The palette above is tad lighter than the one I normally use but since I love to put some whites and lighter colours in the inner corner of my eye to make it look bigger, I considered it a well spent 5€ :).

The next things I'm gonna show you are two newly found products and one I've been loving for years. The thing in the middle is a transparent Lipgloss. I normally don't like or use lipgloss, however, I do like to sprinkle a little bit of it on my lips to refresh them and make my lips look more youthful, if you know what I mean.. (I sound like an old lady..) :) The Clinique package contains the anti-blemish solutions foundation that I first tried out at Macy's in New York and instantly fell in love. I've been using it for many years. During the wintertime I usually switch from teint 2 to teint 1.

The product I newly found and still had to try out before showing it to you is the KIKO purifying mask that I bought for .. I believe 6€ in a shopping center in Vienna. KIKO is a brand from Milan that only has two stores in Austria. I've discovered the brand in Venice and totally love it! Their stuff is cheap, yet not cheap in quality. At least that's what I think. :) So, I've tried this purifying mask and so far I really like it. It's a peeling that contains salts and other revitalizing substances.

Also, I bought my daily essentials, SYOSS shampoo bottles and the one and only deodorant- DOVE go fresh! It's Esther's and my favourite deo.

A few months ago I shopped at sheinside.com, which I'm sure you guys have already heard of. Most fashion bloggers buy their stuff from that website and honestly- they've got fantastic stuff and offers. When I first visited this page I thought.. "man,- this is too good to be true!!" And indeed, it was. I've bought about 7 different products of which I wanted to send 6 back and claimed a refund. Not even because of the size or something,- my problem was the extremely poor quality. On the pictures everything looks so stunning and beautiful and daily reductions and the free shipping offer just made me press the "BUY" button. But after opening the package I quickly realized WHY everything was so cheap. The fabrics were torn, the labels were cut out of the clothes .. it was a joke! I tried to get in contact with the page, however no one replied for quite a while. After my third Email someone actually wrote back, however not in a way answering any of my questions or requests. I was furious. The page stated that there would be a refund if you are not happy with your order. But the sheinside team never confirmed anything like that, they tried to avoid answering the question and eventually even stated that there is no refund available. Which clearly is a lie. I photographed my computer screen and sent them a picture of their website's statement that they fully refund anything if you're not happy with your order. I even told them I would contact customer protection (which I actually did) and try to press charges, however they never answered me after that Email. Since it was quite hard to get a meeting with customer protection, I just gave them the information about their dubious business and let it be. I gave the six other pieces of clothes to a Second Hand store and only kept the one thing I will now show you on the picture below (sorry for lunging out on this one..:) ) -->

A silver bracelet with stones. And compatible with this topic- a ring from F21. I both like them very much. :)

The I bought this nice candle from a furniture store near my hometown on the countryside. I just love the smell of "classic linen" or "cotton".. It really does smell fresh and reminds me of frehsly washed sheets..

At IKEA I bought this notebook, as I've never really owned a real notebook before and can't wait to write something in it. I thought about turning it into a dream journal but maybe it'll just be a sketchbook. :)

In addition to that I found those really cute present pendants that I immediately had to take with me. :)

Last but not least- here's my all time favourite perfume BVLGARI Omnia Crystalline. This Eau de Toilette is a very gentle smell that captures the essence of frosted flowers. The top notes contain  bamboo and an exotic Asian fruit called Nashi that has a very original and specific fresh aroma, similar to both apple and pear. The heart is ruled by soft and feminine notes of lotus blossom, while the base brings elegant woodsy notes. I really adore woodsy notes!

Basically, I would be done with my mini haul now, however, as we're already on that topic, I would like to show you my three favourite perfumes. 

I've already mentioned my favourite perfume- Omnia Crystalline. I mainly use it in summer as it is much lighter than the following ones that I only use in autumn and winter time.

BVLGARI Jasmin Noir is absolutely extravagant in my opinion. Jasmin Noir is composed with jasmine as the central ingredient and tries to express mysterious aromas of precious wood. The perfume opens with gardenia flowers, the heart contains Sambac jasmine absolute mixed with sateen almond aromas, (I of couse looked this information up, don't worry), while the base introduces dark notes of precious wood. My boyfriend always says that this is the more grown up perfume that I own and I totally agree. The perfume is dedicated to women between 25 and 40.

The last one is from GUCCI and is called Première. You might have seen this particular perfume in the commercials with Blake Lively that still can be seen on TV from time to time. Something I always do when trying out new perfumes is to 
1) look at the movie star who advertises it
2) look at the colour of the bottle (if it's pink, I'm pretty sure I won't like it)
3) look at the price tag

In this case the GUCCI Première perfume was newly launched in America at the time Esther and I were in San Francisco. I can still imagine how much I drove her crazy by simpy not being able to decide if I should get the perfume or not. At that time it was even cheaper as they offered a huge package with the perfume, a smaller perfume bottle and two cremes or something.. For me it's always  a huge conquest to buy a new scent as it is something that should represent me in the right way and that should really fit me. I think it only took me 3 days though to finally buy it and I was very happy with my decision. :) The perfume opens with luxury vintage champagne and bergamot fused with feminine orange blossom. At the scent’s core there are white flowers laced with sensual musk. The foundation consists of leather and creamy balsamic woods. Again, I love the woodsy smells.. Sometimes I fell like I should be a man, as I simply adore manly, heavy  smells..

Alrighty. That was it. Thanks for listening/reading and have a nice week! :)  

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