artistic friday.

Oh boy, this last Friday really was fantastic. My dad's already making fun of me that I'm using titles like "wonderful weekend" or "fantastic trip" or "marvellous day" on Esthoria way too often, when writing a blogpost about a family trip, - so that's why I decided today's title to be artistic friday. Why artistic, you ask? Well, let me tell you. From November 9th to 17th, for the 45th time, the Hofburg in Vienna openend it's doors to art and antiques lovers, to art dealers as well as to selected international galleries. 

The so called event ART&ANTIQUE, that we went to on Friday and that takes place in the Hofburg, presents itself as the grand autumn exposition for art, antiques and design. 

More than 50 dealers exhibit their pieces from different areas, such as modern art, graphic works, furniture, jewellry, rugs, porcelain and sculptures in the imperial state rooms of the Hofburg Vienna.

Basically, what you can do there (if you're not excessively rich) is to simply look at the art pieces, get inspired or maybe even do buy something between 1000€ -10.000€ (which I still consider a reasonable spending limit when buying a really great painting that you fall in love with.) Or you can just dream along like my father does in the picture below and wish for 30.000€ to magically appear in his hands right at that moment. So here it is,- my father's object of affection: 

 ... - sorry dad, but that Prachensky painting will in all probability never hang on the walls in our house! ... Oh, but look at his heartwarming grin! :)

We talked to a lot of different gallery owners and discussed the artworks that we enjoyed the most. My parents also happened to run into one gallery employee they've met a while ago when they visited Art&Antique together with good old friends. It was that guy who's from "Bodosse". ATTENTION: this is a little insider joke for one of our dearest readers, DR. FRITZ. Who, by the way, celebrates his birthday today, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY from esthoria :)! Alright, now, everybody else please forget the last 3 sentences and enjoy the upcoming photos. :) 

One of the things I love most about going to these kind of events is that you almost always get free stuff like magazines that would normally cost you a fortune and newspapers!

Well and then... we were off to eat! :) As you might have already guessed, that's my favourite part of every day.

We went to this nice little place called "Weingut Fischer" in Sooss were we got ourselves some lovely salads .. 

 ... soup ...

 ... a Schnitzel :) ...

 ... and for dessert some yummy cakes. 

Like all my other blogposts -that tell the story of a family trip- this blogpost also ends with the words: it was a wonderful day, I enjoyed it very much and I loved loved looooooooved everything about it! :) 

Have a nice day, you guys! Especially Dr. Fritz! 

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