birthday girl.


Hello guys! :) As you might already know,- I'm a huge family person. So whenever all of us reunite - like today- to celebrate my grandma's birthday, I am extremely happy. Yesterday, my sister Conny decided to visit our family's house on the countryside to spend a night there in order to congratulate my grandma the next day. Her husband Clemens, who's a pilot, had a very late flight back to Vienna that evening and was uncertain if he was going to stay with us for the night on the countryside. Everything, however, worked out and he was able to spend the night here so that we were all able to see him the next morning! :) 

Before all that happened though, I prepared my grandma's present for the next day.

I got her some napkins (as she always has lots of guests over, I figured,- she needs some napkins, right?) and beneath those there's a package that contains SUDOKU booklets and crosswordpuzzles (she loves them..) :)

I also got her a wiping cloth from H&M Home that depicts a racoon with glasses. I thought it was hilarious, so I had to get it. :)

A glass with rum truffles in it (her favourite -and pretty the much the only- chocolate she eats).

A candle .. 

Another candle-related object .. 

Some Lush soaps for her bathroom .. 

A Lush Hand Cream sample! (If she likes it, I'll get it for her for Christmas) :)

And a card of course.. :) Haha, if you're wondering, that's me on that pic!

I actually went home from my boyfriend's place in order to be with my family today and to annoy everyone with the sound of my camera's trigger.

 Sadly, Clemens already had to leave before lunch to drive back to the airport. 

However, he still got to see my grandma to congratulate her. :) 

And then we were off to eat.. As always, we had a lovely soup, fish with risotto and for dessert a chocolate mousse with different sauces.

In the early afternoon, my sister took a train back to Vienna. It really was a marvellous day and I am always extremely happy when the whole family's reunited. :)

Happy Sunday to you guys! :)

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