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Oh boy, I can already feel your eyes rolling and the words "my god, not HER too..." coming out of your mouths. But yes. I'm a huge Christmas decoration addict, I admit it. That's right,- you heard me! So turn on your Christmas radio channels and get run over by my sheer insane exhilaration when it comes to this topic. Actually, Esther was the one who awakened my enthusiasm as we recently had a talk about Advent and the time before December 24th. I really must say though that there's probably no one in the world who loves Christmas time more than her. Once, - in the summertime when she was sick, - she told me that she wrapped up in her blanket, listened to songs like "Good King Wencelas" and hallucinated snowflakes outside of her window. Well that's what I call insane. :) But you gotta give it to her,- she's the real Christmas queen. 

For me, it's more the Christmas presents preparations that I really love and that cannot start early enough in my opinion, especially since I'm usually too stressed in December to plan or buy anything for Christmas Day. I always spend much time at the decoration and wrapping part of the gifts and I believe that I'm known for putting a lot of thought into everyone's presents. Before I go out buying presents I always make a list of what the people - that I want to suprise - like. Often it's quite easy, like.. when it comes to my sister. She mostly gets a huge box full of Cadbury chocolate, Lush soaps and some winter accessories. My mum always enjoys getting some pictures that I took over the past 12 months and that she can pleasure in on Christmas Day. My dad usually gets some books that are on his wishlist and for my boyfriend I can always find something personal that he can enjoy. With other people, like my grandma it's always quite difficult. As she doesn't care for decorations, body creams, sweets and so on .. I'm always in a pickle when her birthday or Christmas Day is coming up. I usually end up giving her some rum truffles (the only sweets she likes because there's alcohol in it) and some soaps for her bathroom maybe. But that's it! I can't think of anything else she'd like. Once,- about 6 years ago, I believe, I made her a personalized calendar with photo manipulations of her and her favourite TV stars. I honestly have never heard or seen my grandma laugh that much in my entire life before. It was by far the best present I've ever given her.. :)

One of my first stops when looking for presents (whether if it's on the Internet or on the streets of Vienna) definitely is H&M Home. Not just when it comes to presents actually, also when I'm in the mood to re-decorate my apartment. 

They always have so many nice living and decoration ideas, I'm always stunned when I look at their new products.. 

My personal wishlist from H&M Home would be:

Cute, isn't it? :) 

What I like to do when I get people presents is to buy them a box (where I put in all the presents that I want to give to them) and to make a personalized card. I recently found this really cool blog called HEYLOOK and discovered that they offer printable wrapping paper and tag PDFs, which I find very cool. That way you're able to make your presents look like the ones below (except of the ribbons of course, - you're gonna have to buy those yourselves.) :)

So, if you wanna wrap up books, Dvds and stuff- this is the way to go. However, if you dig my box present-giving-idea, then you should (if you live in Vienna) go to stores like Butlers, Kare, Interio, IKEA, Depot or even the 1€-Shop. They often got lovely boxes, however they're mostly way overpriced. But keep looking and I'm sure you'll find something. If everything else fails, go to Paperchase where you can always find some lovely gift accessories:

Paperchase boxes are simply amazing as they usually don't cost more than 7£. Small ones like this one cost about 1,50£ ... 

... and really HUGE ones like this one cost around 6 or 7£. 

Just imagine putting a white satin bow over this one! That would surely look amazing! Very Coco Chanel chic.. 

Their other boxes cost around 3-4£, which really isn't that much! 



So cute.. Well, great. Now I wanna go online shopping tomorrow. I knew it. 

As for me, I'm planning to redecorate my apartment a little bit in the upcoming weeks,- as I've already mentioned. Here are some simple DIYs that I found on Pinterest and that I'd really like to try out for myself:

Oh, I could go on for a while, but I'll spare you. :) Alright,.. now I hope that you guys enjoyed this - way too early - blogpost about Christmas shopping, - however, planning too early is better than too late, right? :)

Wish you guys - (haha.. I was almost about to write "A Merry Christmas") - a LOVELY DAY and enjoy your week. :)

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