photoshooting day.


Bonjour mes amis! (Today I'm in a frenchy mood, don't really know why..) :) As Esther already told you in her last post she had come to visit me last Friday in order to make a photoshooting (I am in desperate need of a new profile picture on Facebook). Esther is pretty much the only person I feel comfortable taking my pictures with as we've known each other for a hundred years and also she understands which of my angles are the most flattering.. Even though I do some retouching on Photoshop afterwards, you still need a good photographer to make the whole thing work. So thanks again Esther for keeping calm while taking a million pictures of me making the same pose over and over and over again. :) I'm always quite picky with the outcome, so I really appreciate Esther's relaxed way of working. :) Before we started our actual- serious- shoot though, I decided to once again divert Esther by showing her my wonderful little plushy friends (that I call my babies) .. so - Ladies and Gentlemen - here's one of them- here's the love of my life, my oldest, most faithful friend that I love more than words can say- PEZI!

He's a polar bear and I got him as a christmas present from my sister when she was studying abroad in Paris about 13 years ago or so. He's a french guy alright and a cosmopolite! I love him so much, it's insane.. Well.. after our highly emotional cuddly toy shoot Esther ran around in my room and took pictures of some other things .. 

Oh, here's Esther's lovely seat on the bathroom floor while she was taking my pictures. And no, that's not one of Pezi's family members, don't fear! :)

Alright, now back to our photoshoot. :)

As it was an incredibly misty and dark Friday we had no other choice but to perform our photoshooting in the bathroom in front of a white door where the light was adequate enough. Thanks to Photoshop one isn't able to realize that I'm actually leaning against the bathroom door where most of the light hit the room. To make sure that my makeup was in order, I arrogantly enough looked in the mirror from time to time.

I then discovered some sort of hair formation on my chin that I would categorize as a small 
beard, so those hairy friends immediately had to go. :)

I guess, I was more into distracting Esther than doing some actual posing for the shoot .. (dear god, that mirror is dusty..)

Alright, in order to not steal any more of Esther's time I decided to get serious and put on a serious face as well. Most of my family members or friends always tell me that I look extremely pissed when I try to look serious and even arrogant sometimes. And I can understand why they think so.. :) However, that gives a totally wrong impression of my character as I don't consider myself arrogant at all. I always have in mind that people like my pictures better when I smile or laugh (which is nice too, sure) but I simply feel more comfortable looking neutral and serious.

A smile is never wrong though.. :)

Alrighty,- I will not go on boring you with any more of my pictures, 'cause this blogpost is starting to feel a bit narcisstic!  

At the end of the day we sorted through the pictures and watched some videos. And of course, I had do drink some STURM (while Esther immediately caught my addiction problem on camera). Oh and we ate some chocolate, of course. 

If you wonder why you can only see me on all those pictures-  it's because of Esther's reluctancy towards having her picture taken. Normally it always goes like this:

V: "Can I take your picture? E: "No."
V: "Can I take your picture now? E: "No."
V: "But the Esthoria readers would like to see you too, I'm sure! E: "No."
V: "But please, can I just-" E: "No."
V: "Alright, I won't." Then I take a picture of her when she's not noticing, Esther rips it out of my hand, deletes it and goes: "Haha."
V: "My god, it's just a picture, let me take ONE picture, otherwise people will think I'm selfish and only post stuff about me!" E: "Forget it." 

Alright, so there we have it. That's the explanation. Everytime the same procedure. 

Oh and just so you know- here's my new profile picture:

Ha, just kidding, it's the one on top of this blogpost. :)

Have a nice day you guys! :)

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