flying dog.


While sitting in my room in Vienna, eating peanut butter out of a jar (hey, don't judge me - it happens to be the only edible item in the apartment. Ok, let's not kid ourselves - even if there was something else in the apartment, I would still be eating peanut butter. Out of the jar), watching a very popular austrian/german/swiss crime television series (which I love and Vicky hates - what a surprise) and simultaneously going through the pictures I took this weekend, I came to the conclusion that I needed to finally start blogging more often (= bore you with some rather dull photographs). 
To start the process of sending you into a state of utter boredom, let me introduce you to the opening song of »Tatort« (which means crime scene in german).

Bodacious, isn't it?

And now to my weekend: nothing much happened. My mum made a cake and my grandmother came to visit. I was stalking everyone with my camera, as usual, and people/animals were getting quite annoyed. Fine, maybe I shouldn't film my sister while putting on her make-up (she punched me), or my mother while reading or my cat and dog while trying to sleep. However, I regret nothing! Some day, some day, they're going to thank me for filming, even the random, stuff.

My sister being pretty (in front of her weird star wars thingy). 

When my grandmother came she brought us some grapes which grow in the garden of my late great-grandmother. After we ate some cake with my mother, my grandma and I drove there because my grandmother wanted me to take some pictures of mushrooms in front of the garden for her.

Meanwhile, Kelly was playing, what I like to call, »flying dog«. She rolls around on the ground and sometimes her ears get all tangled up, making her look like she's flying. 

Afterwards my grandma and I drove around to look at the slowly changing colors of the leaves in the  surrounding woods and the castle Wartenstein.

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