Hey you guys! :) Today I would like to talk to you about my daily inspirations. Things that I admire and stumbled upon over the past days, weeks or even years. So.. let's get started.

Here are my TOP 3 Internet sites that give me lots of inspiration every day: 
DIY/DECORATING : The House that Lars Built.  ❤DIY/LIVING/FOOD: Pinterest.
FOOD: Tastespotting.FASHION: Polyvore.

Alright, now let's get to the IF I WERE INSANELY RICH I WOULD BUY THE FOLLOWING THINGS part, 'cause it's a lot of fun to hang your head and cry while realizing that you'll never be able to afford most of the stuff listed below..


This could go on for a while ...

Hold me ... 

Are you crying yet? Well I am ..

Kill me, kill me now ... 

 Why did I even start this blogpost?! 

Alright, STOP,- I have to stop. I'm getting carried away!
- OK, let's switch to a less painless topic to talk about -

(well, no- that's actually not less painless since my fridge is empty as is my stomach.)

My TOP 10 favourite meals of all time (whose recipes can be easily looked up at Tastespotting):





oh, and while we're at it- 






Oh perfect, now I'm hungry. But that's basically what I do! Whenever I get hungry at any point I immediately check Tastespotting for some inspiration and 10 minutes later I'm already at the supermarket.. :)

I'm sure all of you guys have already said the sentence "My closet is full but I have NOTHING TO WEAR!" like a million times, - yeah,- it's not an uncommon feeling. It's not that we don't have a lot of clothing, it's just that we don't know how to combine our pieces most of the time. So, here's my website tip for finding the answer to what to wear with - let's say..- your new super cute black maxi skirt -

I'm sure lots of you guys already know the concept of this site,- inspire and be inspired. You can create your own sets of clothing and publish it on your account or you can just look at the already created looks. What I like to do though, whenever there's a piece of clothing I just bought and I don't know what to combine it with- I just type the word  (in my case) "maxi skirt" in the search bar on top of the page, then click on "sets" and start the search. I can then click on the colour I want to look for, in my case black, and then look at the already created looks. There might be some items shown in combination with that skirt that I don't own, but maybe similar ones that would look just as good with it! :) 

 Set by rusinn
Set by sisaez


This is in fact the one word I type into the Pinterest search bar most frequently as I love love looooooooove do it yourself ideas. Pinterest really is a goldmine for that and I've already took up a lot of nice ideas from there for my sister's wedding, birthday presents and so on.. However, not only Pinterest gives me a lot of inspiration, there's also the website "The House that Lars Built". They even have an extra "DIY" category on the left of the website and I just find their whole stuff genius! Here are some of my favourite tutorials from their website!

Aww.. if you like crafty stuff just as much as I do, then I've got these other two pages for you to check:  Selfpackaging & Paperchase !

I've discovered Paperchase when I was in London this July and I fell in love with that shop. They've got so many cool gift wraps, boxes, cards and art materials- it's crazy! Selfpackaging is a page I've stumbled upon when I was looking for cupcake boxes for my sis' wedding. It's a goldmine, believe me! I didn't buy the cupcake boxes there because the delivery rate was too high for my taste, but  this month they deliver for free,- so hurry up if you need nice christmas present wraps or cards! :)

Alrighty! Now that was pretty much it! :) I'd love it if you guys enjoyed the insights on my daily inspirations and hopefully, you were not getting bored.. I will now return to my studies and go get myself a hot chocolate. 

Wish you guys an inspiring Thursday! :)

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