autumn hike.


On Saturday last week I went hiking with my grandmother again. It was beyond amazing! Even the very steep trail was made bearable by the lovely sight of changing leaves. It was a good thing that my camera battery was empty because of Vicky and my photoshooting because otherwise my grandmother and I still wouldn't be down from the mountain - I would have taken a picture of everything. Every leaf on the ground, every tree and cloud. However, I was able to take some pictures with my handy-camera (which has very poor quality).

Halfway up, there was little place with a bench where you could just sit and enjoy the view.

Our destination: the Bodenwiese.

There was a little alpine cabin where you could get some food but my grandmother and I decided to just sit in the grass by some tree, eat our snack and drink some tea we brought with us from home which turned out to be a very good decision. I don't know why but the most ordinary snacks taste like a glorious feast when you're sitting in the grass on a mountain, surrounded by silence.

When we were hiking down we even found some mushrooms which we took back home with us and had for lunch. The mushroom on the picture below however, is a fly agaric, which is poisonous and therefore obviously not the mushroom we took with us. I just thought it looked cute :)

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