I'm in an autumn state of mind.


Falling leaves, sweaters, long walks, pumpkins, glow of lamps through windows, halloween decorating, boots, hot chocolate, bonfires, beanies, watching movies snuggled in cozy blankets, foggy woods, the smell of cinnamon/oranges, candles flickering, super cozy socks, pie, the sound of crackling wood stoves ..  AUTUMN. Don't you just love it? I know, I know, you've heard me say the word autumn at least a hundred million times already, but I simply can't get enough of it. :) Sure, spring, summer and winter are fantastic too, but there's something about fall... I can't put my finger on it. I just it.

Aww... Just lovely. As you already know, last September, Esther and I spent 2 weeks in San Francisco. Even though September is pretty much the warmest month there all year round, we still had to put on layers of clothing and had to wear boots and coats. In the mornings it was always foggy but in the early afternoon the sun came out and threw a light on the falling leaves.. It was marvellous. 

Whilst Esther was living on pumpkin spice latte during almost all of those 14 days I nourished myself mainly with those little fellas - (well, not only me of course, Esther did so as well)

Ghirardelli Pumpkin Spice & Caramel Squares! My god, I think I'd kill for another bite of this heavenly creation! At that time they were giving out samples every time someone entered the store. So, as clever as Esther and I were, we entered the chocolate factory almost 4-6 times a day, sometimes waiting for the sample givers to change shifts or simply exchanging our snoods or taking off our coats to look different than before.. Haha! We're freaks, I know,- but anyone who loves chocolate as much as we do might unterstand. Oh, and it worked everytime, so we always sat down on the factory steps towards the ocean and enjoyed our lovely treats. 

Another thing that I connect to autumn time in San Francisco was that one day where we couldn't find an adequate place to eat in and kept wandering around Fisherman's Wharf for hours. It was very breezy due to the cold winds at the harbour so we decided to go to this lovely and famous bakery that we've read about in various travel guides. It's called BOUDIN and believe you me, it is worth the trip. Hungry and shivering we sat down in this lovely cafe and got ourselves a tomato soup. The genius thing about this soup is the fact that it's served in a hollowed piece of bread that you can eat during or after enjoying your soup. 

My god, that soup was so good, we sat there drooling on our lunch and kept murmuring to ourselves that we'll never leave this place ever again. Eventually, we had to, however, so we immediately went food hunting (as we like to call it) for another delicious treat. It didn't take much time to find the right store. 

It was the temple of our dreams, indeed. After taking a view spins around the shelves, we decided to go for a toffee apple covered with a chocolaty, nutty glaze.. It can't get any better than that, right? :)

Here are another view impressions of San Francisco during fall..

One thing Esther and I did pretty much every evening before we went home was to go to our favourite stores at Fisherman's wharf. Right next to our favourite candy store there was a platform on which you had a fantastic view on Alcatraz Island.

I remember that we always stood there for half an hour until we got too cold and eventually went on to the next store. Our prefered destination always was the Christmas Store (that runs all year round of course) where you can buy overly tacky decoration and stuff. We really loved those cute miniature winter houses with ice skating rinks and the little figures dancing around.. 

Suddenly, we couldn't wait for winter to come.. :) Whoah, but one step at a time. I'm still in a autumn state of mind, as the title of the blogpost states.. So, to now round this whole story up,- there's still one thing about autumn that I seem to love even though I don't really know why. Halloween.

Not once in my live have I EVER celebrated Halloween, however, after having been to SFC and having seen the preparations for this seemingly big and important event, - I got caught in the fever! I don't like dressing up, I hate pretending to be someone or something that I am not or to scare or get scared by other people. Yet I would just love to go trick or treating someday with someone- whoever it might be - (no Esther, don't fear, I will not ask you again for the 96370th time)- but ONLY in San Francisco! Or America, I don't really care! Haha! Precise, isn't it. In Austria Halloween is not the same thing as over there in the states. Even though kids like to dress up too at home and throw parties, there's just not the same excitement as in America I guess.. To be true, I wouldn't know, I've never seen a traditional Halloween in the USA but I can imagine that it must be pretty cool.. :)

Just looking at those marvellous houses - that already had trick or treat signs on their doors even though it was only the 4th of September - while were walking around in the neighborhood.. it really got me in the mood.. :) 

I don't know why, but my desire to put some crazy make up on my face (let's be honest guys, those many different  Halloween make up tutorials on Youtube are insanely cool..) and to go trick or treating with someone (and no, again Esther, I don't mean you).. aww.. I would love it. Hh!- Or maybe to just prepare some funny Halloween snacks for friends and family, that would be lovely too! 

And look at that.. even Esther found herself a lovely Halloween apron at the Farmer's Market.. :)

Well, well.. Since this post has gotten even longer now than I expected, I will finish it and leave you guys with a clip of one of my favourite movies I like to watch in fall,- 
You've got mail. 
The main action takes place in NYC (surprise, surprise..) :) mainly during fall and Christmas and I could just watch it over and over and over again. It's one of those movies that have a superficial storyline, however it's the little things that make it so wonderful .. the main actors going to Starbucks for example, the lights on the streets, the music.. Watch it, if you've never watched it before. :) And if you already have, then re-watch it again! I will do the same right now while cooking myself some lovely spaghetti. 

Nighty night you guys! :)

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