happy halloween.


October 31st. The day I've been waiting for. All this time. Well, not all this time, let's say since the beginning of October. In the vain hope that someone might turn my pathetic workday in the museum around (10am-9pm) by simply getting me out of it, picking me up from my apartment, putting a funny costume over my head and go trick or treating with me. Yes, even if it would have been in Vienna, I wouldn't have cared. But no. No, it also didn't happen this year. Once again I will not celebrate this highly commercial and quite frankly unnecessary - yet supposedly highly entertaining day with anyone but myself. In my apartment. Alone. After work. Alone. Bored. 
Well, that's the way the cookie crumbles, I guess.

Oh, and, btw- I am aware of the fact that the picture above is a screenshot from Harry Potter,- (for all of you guys who don't know,- I don't care for Harry Potter. At all. Whoops, there just went 30 of our readers..) But that decoration is really nice and gets me in a Halloween mood. :)
HOWEVER THOUGH, I must not only moan and groan about the bad stuff,- there was one moment today that made my stinky non-halloweeny-day (is that a word?) marvellous. Esther and her sister came to visit me in the museum in the early evening and Esther actually brought me .. you're never gonna believe it .. - MY VERY OWN TRICK OR TREAT SWEETS!!

It was so sweet, I almost cried! Oh, why am I pretending,- I CRIED :)! It was so lovely, I immediately had to paint something for them in return to at least thank them with something more long-lasting than a spoken thank you! So here it is. My marvellous "toothless mumok pumkin for Esther and Samira". It's a masterpiece, I must say.

 Considering that my first version of the toothless pumkin looked like this ...

... I have enhanced my artistic skills at the second drawing, I really must say.

Well. While most of you guys are probably out on the streets, at a friend's party enjoying some intentionally prepared Halloween finger food or simply carving a pumpkin, - I have also planned a whole lot for my Halloween evening alone in Vienna.

Are you ready? Brace yourselves!- Here's my super fancy Halloween Menu:

A half empty package of Fizzers.

Yeah. And that's pretty much it. I'm pathetic. 

Alright. Now if you'll excuse me, I have plannend a whole busy night of doing absolutely nothing on this special day. However, I might even watch a movie.. I'm not quite sure which one. No, that's a lie, I know exactly wich one. As the evening couldn't get any more pathetic, I've decided to watch that one Jennifer Aniston movie I have never seen before. Leprechaun. No idea HOW ridiculous it actually is, but I guess, I'll find out in a few hours.

Happy Halloween to me!! YAY! :)

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