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As Vicky has already told you, I celebrated my birthday on Thursday. And let me tell you: it was amazing! I was actually planning on completely ignoring the fact that I am another year older but unfortunately none the wiser. However, I didn't see eye-to-eye on that with my dear sister Samira who was beginning to plan my birthday party one week before my actual birthday. She was very secretive and sometimes I wasn't even allowed to leave my room. All I knew was that my family was going to dress up and she was going to bake the cake. Cakes, to be precise. I was a little worried, to be honest, because my sister usually avoids to cook and bake and I thought the kitchen would be a mess afterwards. It wasn't helping that she came running upstairs, laughing hysterically and yelling »It looks like a piece of mud« after the cake was done. 

On my actual birthday (when I was finally allowed to go downstairs again) I was beyond surprised to find this hanging over our living-room entrance:

In our living room the next pleasant surprise was waiting for me:

My family had dressed up as some of my favourite characters! My father (who wasn't very excited about this charade) was dressed as Sherlock (the BBC Sherlock of course), my mother was portraying Snape (in this picture she's showing off her cape) and my sister was happy to be dressed as the 11th Doctor - and had even made the sonic srewdriver herself. 

She even made a paper-Dalek (which my dog was very afraid of)! Here you can see the two amazing cakes (and a wand) she made herself!

As soon as I had come in, my sister gave me the wand and glasses, pinned the Gryffindor-Crest on my blazer and drew a lightning scar on my forehead - I was supposed to be Harry Potter :)

(Yes, even the Dalek signed my birthday card!) 
After I had received my presents (flowers, money for a new camera and chocolate-covered ginger bread), we had lunch which my dad made at my request: roasted pole beans, potatoes and halloumi and afterwards, of course, the Tardis cake whilst listening to the Doctor Who Intro.

I am so grateful to have such an amazing family! It was without a doubt the best birthday ever :)

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