good morning.


Hello guys! :) Today I decided to give you a little glimpse at my breakfast table. Due to the fact that our friend Lisa had spent the night at my apartment yesterday, I wanted her to enjoy her stay. Therefore I made her my favourite meal - spinache noodles with goat cheese - after she had arrived from work yesterday. After lunch we talked for many hours until we had to make ourselves ready to meet Esther and Simone at a nice bar 'round the corner. At 10pm we came back to the apartment and ate tons of chocolate while watching the "Germany's Next Topmodel Best of Catfights" DVD! It was awesome! :)
Well,- and now back to the title of this Blogpost: As I am not exactly the most capable and talented cook, I tried my best to serve Lisa a simple yet yummy breakfast without setting my entire kitchen on fire. And I do believe that I've achieved that. :)

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