hello, I'm sick.


It's always the same old story. It's getting cold outside. My mom says: put on a coat. I don't listen. I get a cold. 
I'm at home. I don't wear socks or long trousers. My mom says: put on some clothes. I don't listen. I start coughing heavily. 
I'm taking a shower. I'm washing my hair. My mom says: dry your hair and close the window. I don't listen. I get sick. 

How surprising. After 22 years of not listening to my mom I should have finally figured out that my way of doing things is the wrong way. When will I finally get it? Well... There is only one thing I can now focus on and that is: damage control! At least I'm doing one thing my mom always told me to do when I'm sick. To drink lots of fluids, especially tea. And it really helps, I gotta say. I should definitely listen to my mom more often...
Unfortunately, I still had to go to work today for 4 hours before I was finally able to get back in bed. I tried to learn for my exam .. an utterly stupid attempt that was of course immediately forsaken and exchanged for an hour of sleep. The rest of the day was pretty much characterized by this:

Normally, I would make myself some plain toast with butter and listen to some fairy-tale cassettes from my childhood. However, I'm in Vienna. With no cassettes, no toast and no sense of taste. Honestly you guys, the worst thing- and I mean by far THE WORST THING about being sick is not being able to taste anything. I hate that phase. Oh well, and a sore throat. I hate both of those things. But sitting around not smelling or tasting anything... it drives me crazy! I can eat whatever and how much I want ...


Well, I guess, I brought this on myself. Now I have to sit it out. Or sleep it out. Together with Oskar. And some tea. And some ginger bread. If I can taste it. Again. Ever. 
Alright, so maybe next time I'll listen to my mum- and you guys should do the same, I'm telling 'ya! 
Nighty night! :)

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