autumn weekend.


Happy monday everyone! :) I hope you enjoyed your weekend, ate lots of unhealthy things and drank tea,- like I did. Even though my weekend consisted of learning for my exam, picking out courses and excursions for university and realizing that I should probably start going on a diet now as I've been eating 100 packages of gingerbread during the past 3 days, I still had a marvellous time. :)
I guess mostly because of- and believe you me, the thing I am going to show you now fills my heart with so much bliss, I can't even describe it - 

.. STURM! 

You guys know what Sturm is? It is by far the most wonderful, slightly alcoholic beverage I've ever tasted in my entire life! Sturm is a sort of wine that is still in its fermentation phase and initially tastes really sweet. As soon as the fermentation has progressed though, the sugar level sinks and the beverage turns into a more alcoholic drink (which, I think, doesn't taste very good anymore). However, yesterday my mom bought our first bottle of Sturm and we were so excited to finally reunite with that wonderful, unique taste!! (I sound like an addict, I know, and I really am one..)

Also, on 9/11 (I guess we could have picked a better day), my boyfriend and I had our 4-year anniversary. I bought him his favourite black pocket planner for university (I'm a hopeless romantic, I know..) and also created a little graphic work to add at least something personal to the present. :) It was inspired by a tutorial I found on the internet a long time ago but I can't remember who it's from.. 

I thought it was really sweet, and so did he. :) As he already invited me to a lovely dinner last week, I didn't expect him to buy me something else (as I am in fact a opponent to all that present-buying and money-spending thing). However, he got me some beautiful white Equador roses -
 .. a Clinique Waterproof mascara and Chubby Stick (he really knows me well) :) ..

 .. and last but not least chocolate supplies .. ! (the gingerbread package is already empty, of course..)

Well, well. :) On Sunday we had a marvellous meal: soup and lasagna! Mmmmmmmmm!

After coffee and cake we decided to take a little stroll in the neighbourhood. And of course, I had to take my camera with me. :)

Have a lovely week you guys! :)

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