vienna fashion week.


Hey guys! :) 
Yesterday night, our good friend Lisa (the girl I made the bear-toast for) and I attended the MQ Vienna Fashion Week. We were really excited, as we've never been at such an event before... Sitting in those rows (well, we actually had to switch rows in between the shows) and watching those beautiful stylish women walk by ..- we really felt like in that scene of SATC 1 (the movie), it was amazing! :) 

I decided to wear something not too formal, yet classy and modern, but also simple. For me, Ashley Olsen is always a fantastic inspiration, not only fashion-wise. Of course, I didn't look as gorgeous as she does in that picture .. :)

Haha, yes, you heard right- this one is going to be Lisa's new wedding dress. She immediately fell in love with it and so did I! However, I just realized that it'd probably be better to wear a bra under it ..

And now, ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce to you my new favourite model of all times (I've no idea what her name is) and by far one of the most beautiful women I've ever seen in real life-

She's so gorgeous, I wanna cry! I mean, look at her!

After drooling on my camera out of sheer fascination and admiration for that girl, we had to leave the room again to let the crew prepare everything for the next show. So we went to the Pop Up Shop right around the corner. 

 Lisa found another item to cry her eyes out for .. 

 And another one ..

And another one .. (However, we BOTH were outraged by that girl with the beautiful black and white Céline bag.. Our jealous hearts were bleeding..)

But then we got our goodie bags and everything seemed fine again! :)

Oh and here's Lisa again with her beautiful wedding dress. :)

Us, posing like pros ...

Lisa thought that that girl up there looked like the main character from "the Grudge", and I agree, however there is something quite artistic about that dress ..

As I looked around and took photos of the expressions on people's faces, I realized that that blonde girl up there was the one who actually looked like Ashley.. not me.. haha!

I guess Lisa and I can agree that the CALLISTI  Fashion show was the one that impressed us the most! :)

 The designer herself looked like a model ..!

All in all we had so much fun and it was a marvellous experience to whitness a real fashion show for the first time! We'll definitely get tickets for next year as well! :)

P.S.: Here's a video I made on that day. Enjoy :)

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