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H  E  L  L  O     T  H  E  R  E!

Six months ago, I have officially entered the independent business world as a photographer. So far, I have been able to manage to build myself a corporate identity, a homepage - www.victoriaposch.com - ...

... (still under construction, but at least it's working! YAY!) and already had quite a few clients that I've loved working with! :) I feel very privileged to finally be doing this, even though I don't have academic training yet or a lot of technical know-how. However, what I do know is that my clients very much appreciate the way I work, the motives I choose and the finished photos, as they have told me so in person. Besides doing food photography for a publishing company, I also shoot weddings, family occasions and any other kind of events, as well as portraits, application photos and so on ... One of the recent and biggest projects I had been working on was the wedding of a lovely young couple in the end of June. With their permission, of course, here's a sneak peek of the photos I took at the couple's wedding, formed in little collages.

Currently, I'm working on a signature packaging-style, especially for wedding clients. As you can see below, I put the data stic with the pictures in a craft box, surrounded by wooden elements, a few prints on top and a thank you card. I think it looks kinda sweet and I guess the couple enjoyed the box very much. :)

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