bed and breakfast.


Hi guys! :) Yesterday evening, I was happy to welcome my good friend Lisa as a guest in my apartment. I cooked her some dinner, a spinach - goat cheese strudel, followed by a chocolate dessert. 

We really had a blast talking about old times and exchanging funny stories about each other's lifes. Since Lisa's a regular sleepover-guest at maison Vicky, I prepared us some guacamole after dinner and we made ourselves comfortable on the bed, watching Mrs. Doubtfire (not just in honour of Mr. Williams, but also because we simply love that movie)! 

We actually went to sleep quite late that day due to all the Youtube videos we were watching afterwards whilst consuming masses of chocolate. (We regretted our greed later and started squirming and rolling around like pigs). That must have been a pleasant thing to look at. 
Well, the next morning we had some breakfast,- yes, me too, even though I dislike breakfast, however it was very tasty, I really gotta say. I made Lisa an American flag inspired toast, since she was talking about maybe going to California and the western states next year, therefore I felt obliged to make her a themed-breakfast suprise.

Also, Lisa got to meet one of my new family members, a panda baby boy. 

His name is 50Cent. (He's named after the rapper 50Cent, since I got him at a fleamarket in Vienna for,- guess how much ... - 50Cents, exactly. This genuis idea to name him after his pricing was my dad's, who didn't think that Gustav was such a good name for him. Lovely, isn't he? To tell you a little bit about himself, - his favourite activities are sleeping, ...

... climbing pillows,

... eating ...

... and playing with his friends.  

You gotta just love him, right? :) 

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