for old time's sake.


H E Y   T H E R E!
On Friday, we celebrated my mum's birthday. One of her presents were pictures of her childhood that my father had converted to JPGS with a dia-scanner a few weeks ago. With joint efforts we were able to quickly convert all the dias, photoshop them and hand the finished prints off to my mum. I guess you can imagine her enthusiasm towards her present! :) Down below, there's a pic of the basket we got her, it mainly consisted of travel essentials from H&M and other things. My personal favourite was the card I got from a wedding store in Vienna that also sells birthday cards. Lovely! And so retro!

And as you already know, part of her present basket were the photos. With  my mum's permission, I would now like to share my absolute favourite pics with you. You'll see some gorgeous photos of my grandpa, grandma and of course, my mother. I hope you'll enjoy the pictures as much as I do.

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