Hello people!

This post is a little/very belated due to my inability to be as consistent with blogging as Vicky. A couple of weeks ago I met up with Vicky for breakfast in the nice little café an-do in Vienna. Vicky ordered yummy-looking cocoa, whilst I opted for some coffee and we both got a huge croissant with raspberry jam to eat. 

After breakfast we wandered around the city for a while before craving food again. Because Vicky had never been to the ice-cream parlour called Eis-Greissler before and I was raving about their pear ice-cream I've had some time ago, we decided to pay them a visit - and were not disappointed. Well, except for me, because I was looking forward to having that amazing pear ice-cream again but unfortunately they didn't sell it anymore. Nonetheless my spirits lifted when I tasted the ice-cream I did get: apricot and goat cheese. Yes, you heard (or rather read) correctly. Goat cheese. Goat. Cheese. And it was wonderful. 

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