mole west.


Hello there! :) I hope you guys had a wonderful weekend..? Well, as for me, I must say that I've had a splendid one. On Saturday, my boyfriend and I spontaneously decided to take a short trip to Burgenland, wich is the easternmost state of Austria and well known for its lake Neusiedlersee. 

This weekend, Mike and I decided to see a part of it that we've never seen before so we followed my parents' advice and went to a really nice restaurant called "Mole West" which is situated right on the Neusiedlersee.

Luckily, we immediately found ourselves a seat and relaxed in our comfy chairs while waiting for our delicious meals.

As an amuse-gueule we got some bread and different varieties of spread, butter and oil.

Mike ordered ramson soup and fish (on sticks!) while I indulged in some ramson tagliatelle with goatcheese! It was yummy!

Even though the weather could've been a little nicer that day, I still really enjoyed the grey-ish looking sky and lake which definitely had a spooky aura about themselves.

And since you simply can't not stop by the artifically built shopping town Parndorf when you're in Burgenland, we took a short spin there too.

After taking that "little spin" aka buying hundreds of things we don't even need, we still didn't quite want to go home, so we decided to pick up a few bottles of wine from a vitner in town for Mike's dad.

We even got to taste some of the chosen wines and there were so delicious that we simply had to take at least one more bottle home with us! :)

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