back in business.

Finally, after a long winter break, we're working on new food photography projects for the publishing company Facultas. We were lucky enough to already have worked on 14 books
of its nutrition series, by cooking the meals from chosen recipe lists (Esther) and photographing them (Vicky). The following three books will sadly be the last ones that we're gonna be able to work on so we cherish every single moment of our beloved food-photography working process! :)

First we collect all the stuff we're able to use for the presentation of the freshly cooked meals, so we simply throw everything that might be usable for the photoshoot on the dining table. The pile mainly consists of clothes with special patterns, white and black cloth, napkins, magazines, books and so on .. 

Then we're trying to choose the right dishes,- we personally prefer using pastel-coloured and black plates, for soups we often use cereal bowls made of glass .. we're always trying to be creative and mix it up! 

Then comes the difficult part. Choosing the meal we wanna start first with. Believe us, this is the hardest decision, as usually, the first shooting always goes wrong and the end result looks terrible. However, for some strange and utterly disturbing reason it all worked out fine today and we finished the whole shoot faster than we thought we would.

Something we find quite amusing is the way we primitively try to develop the perfect food-atmosphere by holding up black T-shirts for example,- (we don't own a black screen), and then look at the end results, which,- for the untrained eye, dont' look primitively produced at all. This really makes us smile. :) As it isn't possible for us to post single pictures in good quality of the finished pictures on the blog, we will only show you a tiny version of some already finished photos, to give you an impression of how we work.

Well and that was it. As usual there's a whole lot of a mess going on in Esther's kitchen and all of Esther's family members are happy to dig in the good food. (Vicky gets to take home some of it as well)!

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