grand tradition.


Hey guys! :) Last Tuesday my sister invited me to have lunch with her at her place. I absolutely adore C&C's apartment, as it is very stylish, hip and even has a little roof terrace that overlooks the neighborhood.

Conny made us some yummy strudels that were downright delicious! 

After lunch we went to take a look at the baby's room, that has been decorated with brand new items and furniture.

This baby is going to have such a cool room, I really gotta say! And of course aunt Vicky is going to provide Baby Girl Russ with many, many new plushy friends (besides those cuties in the pictures above)! :)

Afterwards I took a quick look at their balcony on the other side of the aparment, that is - as well as all the other parts of their home - absolutely adorable.

There simply were too many nice deco elements for me to capture ..

In the late afternoon we made ourselves some caramel macchiatos, lay down on the couch and started our traditional FRIENDS marathon!

We continued where we had left off the last time, which was a few weeks ago when Conny came to visit us on the countryside. Since we didn't quite finish all the episodes from season 8 on Tuesday, we'll HAVE to meet again next week to watch the final episodes (the birth of Rachel's baby Emma) before the actual baby comes! 'Cause- if not now, then when, I figure. :)

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