application day.


Hey guys! :) Today's the big day! Today's my admission exam at a photography college in Vienna, called die Graphische. I'm already really looking forward to it and also I try not to have any high hopes or expectations concerning the outcome of today's test whatsoever. I figure, I'll just try and if they don't think I'm suitable for this particular institution I'll just continue my masters degree at university and attend some photography workshops from time to time. It would be marvellous to get in, of course, but we'll see how today's procedure will turn out to be. I personally am equipped: I've got my map that includes 10 photographs that underline my personal photographic style and 9 others that I've developed especially for the required topic "sustainability". I hope that the committee will like them, 'cause I really do. Besides that I've got my ruler, eraser, pencils and crayons with me which I'll need for the written exam.

I thought, I might also take two of the books from publishing company Facultas with me - (I've been working for Facultas as a food photographer for quite a while,- Esther cooked the meals btw.!) - JUST IN CASE they want to see it. I honestly think it's a bad idea to show them to the committee, 'cause it might seem as if I want to brag or something .. but friends and relatives keep telling me I should take them with me, so I will. :) 

No matter how today's test will turn out to be, I'll keep on pursuing the photography path,- that is for sure. :)

Have a nice day you guys!

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