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Hey guys! Lately, as you can imagine, Esther and I have had a lot of stress due to Christmas preperations and so on. But believe you me, it was worth it. Totally. I personally had a beautiful Christmas Eve with my entire family. We ate lots of great food, had some laughs and enjoyed each others company. :) If you want, you can now look at my photographic documentation of December 24th. Enjoy!

I got up at around 8am that day and accompanied my father who was driving to a Mostheurigen nearby where we had ordered meat and spreads for dinner the week before. After we had gotten home, I took photos around the house and watched my mum prepare the Christmas food for the night.

For lunch we had some lovely soup. Btw.- that's the famous soup I was talking about in the Christmas question tag some posts ago! :)

After it had gotten darker outside I got ready for church, which my grandma and I attend every year before Christmas eve at around 4pm. This time Hilde, the mum of my sis' husband Clemens, came with us while the others stayed at home. At around 5pm we were ready to celebrate Christas eve and went inside the living room to look at the beautifully decorated tree! :) While sitting in our comfy chairs and sofas we unpacked our presents.

I will definitely do an extra blogpost about my Christmas presents, as they were simply too awesome as to not share them with you. :)

And then we were off to my favourite part of the evening.. Can you guess what it is..? Yes, you're absolutely right,- the EATING part. :)

Lots and lots of awesome food,- I was so full, I almost exploded. But it was worth the pain! :) The same night, Conny, Clemens and Hilde had to drive back home to Vienna, so at around 11pm we said goodbye to them,- but not before I got to take a picture with my little niece! :)

Alright. :) After that they were free to go. While they were dropping off my grandma at her house the rest of us cleaned up the table (well, mostly my mum to be completely honest..) and eventually got to bed really tired but happy! :) As I must have already mentioned a billion times on this blog, I just love when the whole family's together, especially when we're able to welcome someone new in it, like Hilde. I find these special occasions very joyful and cannot wait 'till next Christmas when there will be a pattering of little feet under the Christmas tree for the first time in decades! :) I really hope that you guys had a wonderful Christmas with your family - or boyfriend or friends or friend or whoever - yourself too! :) And if you still haven't had enough of our Austrian Christmas Eve flashback,- then here's a little video I made, documenting the whole day from morning 'till evening. Enjoy! :)

If you're an Ipad or Iphone user, here's the link if you can't see the video:

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