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Hey guys! :) How are you? Enjoying the pre-Christmas season? :) Well, I gotta be honest with you .. I thought I'd enjoy it a little more this year as I already started thinking of present ideas months ahead, however, I still seem to not have enough time on my hands to actually buy the presents! As I am not the greatest fan of Christmas shopping at Mariahilfer Straße in Vienna..

... I mainly order stuff from Amazon (thanks again mum for always picking those packages up from the post office! :) ). And I know, I know, Christmas shouldn't always be about buying presents and encouraging the commercial takeover instead of the emphasis on love and devotion on Christmas Day. But you gotta be honest, getting presents from other people and standing there with nothing to give in return doesn't feel so good. But don't fear! If you're in the same pickle like me,- remember that you still have time and if everything else fails, just write a little card, with a few photos in it and give the person you love a hug. It'll be enough. :)

Alrighty, now, as I had just worked my way through the past week full of university stuff, work and other things to do, I'm already in the middle of another busy week of museum work, writing my seminar paper (yes, I'm still on that, it's ridiculous..) and of course, Christmas shopping. 

To rewind the past weekend (if you're interested in seeing it) in pictures: 

First of all, on Friday, I had to paint a picture for one of my relatives who really loves the motive of northern lights. Her daughter gave some inspirational newspaper pics to me that seemed most appealing to her. I therefore tried to come as close to the references with my painting as I possibly could. 

After I had painted the first colour on the canvas though, I was like: "My god. I totally ruined it. What's that weird peepee-looking river doing on my canvas?" I reluctantly got back to work. I thought,- how much worse can it get. But it actually got a little better..

I forgot to take pictures of the steps in between, but you get the idea, right? :) Well.. and the almost finished version was this one:

I actually wanted to perfect it a little more as I kept thinking that that's not really a depiction of nothern lights, more of a sunset scenario. However, my aunt was totally smitten with it and already took it home without any further overpainting. So all that was left to do was to wash my hands. - That part actually took longer than painting the painting itself. :)
On Saturday I had yet another creative job to carry out for some dear friends of mine who wanted me to take pictures of their baby boy! He's such a sweet little fella and I really enjoyed the shoot. He was quite the professional, I must say. :)
On Sunday, my family and I had a marvellous meal and enjoyed the beautiful sunny afternoon.

Alrighty. And that was pretty much it for that week. :) It really stuns me how time just shoots right by.. It flies! There's hardly any time left for me to do some Christmas shopping,- as I mentioned before. Urgh! But what the heck, I'll find some time. I hope. :) 

So you guys, I wish you all a lovely night, stay healthy, stay cool,- don't freak out over present buying like me and enjoy your rest of the week! :)

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