call me aunt vicky.


Yes, you heard me.. You read the title alright. :) Guys,.. - I'm going to be an aunt!! :) I'm not one yet though, but I will be in April. I am already so unbelieveably excited, I can't even tell you. I've never really considered myself to be a baby person, however, as it is going to be my little niece, I cannot wait to meet her and welcome her into this world. :) I've known about my sister's pregnancy for quite a while now, however, we've discovered that it's going to be girl a few weeks ago.

Oh my.. a little baby girl. Can you believe it? .. I simply cannot wait to throw her a baby shower (which I highly doubt Conny will ever agree upon.., but I don't care,- I'll just throw one for myself :) )

I also can't wait to take endless pictures of her .. (and yes, I'm sure she'll be as stylish as that girl down below) :)

paint with her .. 

play hide and seek with her ..

let Conny put her into some ridiculously cute outfits ..

.. you get the idea, right? :)
First must-be gifts from auntie Vicky will definitely be the following things :

A new cuddly friend .. -MUST!

 .. shoes, of course ..

.. the right outdoor equipment ..

.. some super cool panties .. 

.. a colouring book .. (not just one, a million of them) .. 

.. a really fancy birthday party .. 

.. a collection of classic Disney movies .. (her childhood wouldn't be complete without at least once seing lion king, don't you agree?) ..

.. and lots of love of course. :) I couldn't be happier for Conny and Clemens,- and again, can't wait to take million pictures of this child. :)

Alright, now this calls for a special movie night tonight. I'm going for Father of the Bride Part 2,- as we all watched Part 1 shortly after C&C got married. So the second one really does fit the occasion. I just love both of those movies and Steve Martin's role always reminds me of my father, it's incredible.. :)

I wish you all a wonderful day! :)

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