sunday love.

Hey guys! :) Today was a real sunday, I must say. Sleeping 'till noon, watching ski-competitions on TV, having an awesome meal for lunch (thanks mom!),- and while we're at it- eating some wonderful apple pie with a glass of milk in the afternoon. Huh. Lovely. Honestly,- if there'd be a list with the 100 laziest people on the planet,- I'd be on it for sure. I could sleep for 20 hours, just stay in bed with my fluffy friends all day, eat, then sleep again and maybe get up once to go to the toilet. Very attractive, I know, but that's the ugly truth. 

I mean, honestly. Who would want to leave their bed with those sweet babies lying in it? (yes, I am aware of the fact that I'm 22 years old).

For lunch we had some soup today, chicken with mozzarella and tomatoes on chili noodles and vegetables and for dessert white chocolate mousse with strawberry sauce and fruit. Do I have to say more than that? :)

This past week I got a letter from my former elementary school teacher who took pictures at our class reunion a few months ago. I was so touched when I opened the envelope and read her sweet words .. 

That pic shows me and Isi, my best friend back in elementary school. Whenever I see her I always think back to those fun times we had! This letter means very much to me and I will cherish it forever. :) Later that day I watched my mom checking some new outfits to buy on the internet- which reminds me - I got some new stuff last weekend that I'd like to show you as well.

I mainly shopped at Primark and Zara, however, I won't show you all of the products I bought, as I was too lazy to take pictures of all of them! It's sunday, after all! :) The top you can see below I got in 3 colours, beige, violet and black.

The sweater's from Zara and looks a lot like the one Ashley Olsen wore at the launch of the Olsen's new clothing line with Scandinavian retailer Bik Bok.

Also at Zara I got this beautiful checked dress on Sale which I really love!

Well .. at IKEA I bought some notepads and stuff (not the foxy colourbook though, that's from a museum shop) :), for my niece I got a dotted bag with a bow that could be used as some sort of diaper bag? Dunno .. But I thought it looked real cute :) Oh and last but not least I went to KIKO to buy myself a nail care polish for stronger nails and my new favourite body lotion. My mom recently bought it and I fell so in love with the smell that I had to have it too. It doesn't really smell like anything, not flowery, not musky .. just.. clean! It smells like Sunday morning, -fresh, nice and simple. That was a terrific explanation, I really must say.

Well and that was it for today :)! I wish you all a lovely remaining weekend and a great start into the new week! :)