childhood crushes.


Let's talk love, guys. When I was little I was in love with so many fictional characters, I don't even remember all of them to be honest. However, I am really in the mood to take a walk down memory lane right now, so here we go:

Peter Pan

Now, Peter Pan was probably my first love ever. It was such a great love - I even left my window open several nights, so that Peter could fly in and take me with him to Neverland. Unfortunately he never did, though. I had it all planned out. Fly with him to Neverland (of course Tinkerbell would have liked me), be a mother to all the lost boys (though I wouldn't have sat around all day, telling them stories - I would have had my fun on the island alongside them), watching the mermaids (maybe even becoming one - I love »The Little Mermaid« and wanted desperately to be one), ...

Huckleberry Finn

Just hearing this song makes me cry tears of joy. I was so in love with this film! It was released in 1993 and stars Elijah Wood.

However, I don't think his looks were appealing to me - I just really, really loved his character and his adventures. I just wanted to accompany him and Jim on their journey down the Mississippi. Was that too much to ask for? Apparently, yes. 


No, not the cute little Disney version. The hunky Kevin Sorbo one! 

Now before you say anything ... no, I don't have an excuse for this one. I have no idea why. Yes, he is sexy (don't tell me differently - just look at the picture) but what did I ever see in him other than his looks? I was just a very superficial kid, I guess. I always watched this with my sister (who loved his sidekick Iolaus). Why were we even allowed to watch this?

Fun fact: The young Hercules in the show was played by young Ryan Gosling!

Old Shatterhand

Ok. I loved Old Shatterhand (or Kara Ben Nemsi) so much. And Old Surehand, and Old Firehand . For those of you who don't know, they're all friends of Winnetou. For those of you who don't know Winnetou, I am sorry but what are you doing with your life? Just kidding. When I was little I automatically assumed that everybody knew who Winnetou and all of my beloved Old's were but as I have recently discovered, not everyone does. What I always thought hilarious were the scenes where the bad guys were riding towards the good guys and vice versa. Whenever the camera was on the bad guys the music was all dramatic and you could tell that something bad was going to happen but as soon as the camera panned to the good guys the music changed and it was very calming and nice. That constantly changed for a good five minutes until they met in the middle. It was - and still is - hilarious.
Here's a trailer of one of the many films (unfortunately in german, but you get the picture):

Remus Lupin

Ah, yes. This is the part Vicky is not going to like at all. Harry Potter. When I started to read Harry Potter for the first time I thought »This is so stupid and boring, I'm never going to like it!« (because I was pretty young and my mother was recommending it to me, so it just had to be bad because mum just couldn't be right). However, when I picked it up for the second time a couple of weeks later, I loved it and literally could not stop reading. 
I liked all the main characters just fine but I wasn't infatuated with anyone, which was pretty weird for me. But as soon as I started reading the third part Remus Lupin entered my life. I actually loved Sirius Black as well (because I pictured him really pretty - yes, I know we have already established that I was/am very superficial) but when I saw the film it really spoiled him (I don't think Gary Oldman is attractive).

There are so many other characters I loved but I think I'm just going to end the list here. Good night :)

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