wachau, I love you.


Hello guys! :) Alright, now before the cool winds of autumn will finally take the place of warm summer nights, I still want to share with you a few summer experiences I've gained in the past month as they are simply too beautiful as to not share them with you. At the end of August my bf and I decided to take a spontaneous trip to some place that wouldn't cost us a fortune,- so we went on a road trip to Wachau, Austria. If you've never heard of Wachau before, I'm sure the upcoming photos will make you want to go there immediately. (#phishingforcompliments?)

Our trip started on Saturday at the famous Stift Melk which is a Benedictine abbey above the town of Melk on a rocky outcrop overlooking the Danube river. The abbey was founded in 1089 but got its baroque look between 1702 and 1736. 

We were really smitten with the building (even though I detest the baroque style) and also with the beautifully created parks and gardens around it.

After we were done visiting this large and impressing abbey complex -(and had some delicious lunch of course), we drove to our hotel and checked in. With no particular aim in mind we then just drove around and eventually took a break at a beach-like spot situated right in front of the danube. It was gorgeous! 

A few minutes away there's this lovely town called Weißenkirchen where we got ourselves something to drink at a nice little vintner. 

Then we hit the road again and drove towards another small town called Dürnstein, - one place is lovelier than nthe other, I'm telling you!

In the evening we had some dinner and of course some Sturm (-for those of you who don't know Sturm, - your life is incomplete without this drink. It 's THE BEST. Seriously.)

The next day was also already our last day here in Wachau, so we got up early, had some breakfast and hit the road again. 

You must know that I'm the most stubborn, childish person in the history of the world, wherefore whenever I believe something must be done or seen, it must be done or seen. Simple as that. I wanted to see a fortress on our trip, so we went to see a fortress on our trip. My bf didn't even have a choice,- however- he absolutely loved it as much as I did! (And seriously, who wouldn't- just look at the pictures)!

I'm telling you,- I've never had a stronger urge to purchase the The Sims Medieval edition after visiting this place, as you feel like you'd just entered a time machine that gets you in the mood to build fortresses and put on baggy clothes with funny shoes. (All jokes aside,- the Middle Ages is probably the last period of time I would have liked to live in, however, with all those dressed up people running around pretending to be minnesingers it was lots of fun imagining those old times.) - And now, ladies and gentlemen, are you ready for the most gorgeous pic of them all? Here it is!

Seriously, the picture doesn't even nearly begin to cover the whole beauty of the actual view we enjoyed, it was insane! Look at this!

Oh yeah, the already had cupcakes back in the Middle Ages. Surprised?

Bravo, you're done! We've reached the end of the blogpost and I sincerely hope that enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed sharing my experience with you! Hopefully, I've made the Wachau region more attractive to you (-it simply can't be unattractive to anyone, that's impossible) and maybe you'll even visit in one weekend. It really is worth it! :)

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