vegan birthday.


Hey y'all! :) About a month ago Esther celebrated her - (I'm not allowed to say the number, I guess) - birthday and traditionally invited all of us 6 friends to celebrate with her. Since Esther is vegan now, she prepared many delicious meals for us that did not include any animal related products (I guess that's brand new information for you, right?). Honestly, quite a while ago I was one of those people who went "Vegan? Is that another word for tasteless and boring?" - but let me assure you- it definitely isn't. Even though I'm not vegan or vegetarian I absolutely enjoyed the wonderful snacks Esther had prepared for us and therefore like to share them on the blog with you today! - (I can  totally see Esther rolling her eyes at this very moment and going: "this is ridiculous, I'm feeling self-conscious now", but I dont care!) Enjoy! :)

As a first course we got some yummy fruit and a watermelon smoothie. As you can see in the picture, I am philosophizing about how the taste reminds me of summer, others might interpret it as posing as arrogantly as possible. 

The second course was the birthday cake, which was a chocolate cake covered in blueberries. I guess I don't have to describe to you how wonderful it tasted, right?

The third course was basically our main course which consisted of aubergine bruschetta, couscous with chickpeas, tomatoes, arugula and so on, cabbage salad and sweet potato wedges. Delish!

As it got dark we went inside, listened to some music and Esther unpacked her presents. (And no, we're not glued to our laptops all day long, even though it kinda looks like it judging by the pictures you've seen so far)! :)

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