After many busy weeks of work and university preparations I was so happy to finally enjoy a long weekend with my family in my hometown on the countryside. I don't know 'bout you guys but here in Austria the Easter holidays are generally a pretty big deal, since they're linked to so many taditions.

In our family we celebrate the Easter holidays by having a cold plate of food on Easter Saturday (as you can see in the pictures down below), which includes different sorts of meat, spreads, eggs and in our case wonderful italian delicacies that my parents brought home from their trip to Italy. Yumm! :) In the evening we used to drive to the highest spot in our neighbourhood to watch all the Easter fires going on in the valley. However, since noone except me wants to do that anymore, my father had mercy and took a quick evening stroll through town with me, trying to find some Easter fires to stare at for a few minutes and then go home again happy (mostly on my part, I guess). On Easter Sunday we had a visit from my niece, my sister and my grandma with whom we altogether enjoyed a lovely meal that was prepared by my mum. Afterwards we indulged in some awesome chocolate cake that only little Olivia refused to taste and who rather preferred to go for some fruit puree. 

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