book release.


As some of you might already know, I'm a photographer who's been working for a publishing company in Vienna for quite a long time now. Esther and I have already produced food photos for more than 20 books,- she basically cooks the meals and I take the photos. And if this wasn't already awesome enough, I recently had the chance to produce the photos for a cookbook by a famous restaurant in Vienna called Hollmann Salon. I had the privilege to observe the restaurant's head chef preparing so many delicious and stunning dishes - while taking step-by-step photos of the process. The finished meals were then properly photographed in the nice ambience of the restaurant and added up to about 30 different food-photos, - not including the step-by-step photos. We started the project last year in autumn and two weeks ago the book was published in the restaurant where the photos were taken. I just want to say that I do not have the intention to brag about this certain project by writing this blogpost,- I just wanted to express how thankful I am for this opportunity, as I consider it a once-in-a-lifetime experience. I have never done anything as exciting and captivating in my professional life before, which is why I felt the strong urge to share my experience with you guys. Whilst I am really proud of my work and everyone was totally happy with the outcome, the project also made me realize just how much I still have to learn and work on. Therefore I absolutely treasure the experiences I gained from this project and sincerely thank all my colleagues for making me a part of it! :)

This is the book, btw! If you want to learn more about it, just click on the pic below! :)


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