autumn charm.


Hey guys!! 
Dear god, it's been way to long since the last blogpost .. I just realized. I'm currently working on a lot of photo projects, which is why I tried to put my camera away as much as I could in my free time (a.k.a. blogpost-time) to simply get my mind off photoshop for once. But I really missed blogging, I'm telling you! That's why I would like to share with you today some lovely pictures that I took during the past weekend.

On Friday, my parents invited some good friends to dinner, which basically means that my mum served the perfect 5-course meal and put a lot of effort into the whole presentation -(she really doesn't think so, but I DO!). "Unfortunately" I could't taste most of those delicious treats, as I was invited to another party myself. :)

On Saturday, shortly after lunch, Mike and I went for a walk in a nearby neighborhood to enjoy the charm autumn has to offer. We had some coffee at Schloss Wartholz, a lovely place to visit at pretty much any season of the year.

We then went to a lake nearby to collect some chestnuts - and as you can see, we were quite successful! :)

Such a lovely day! :)

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