garden party.


Hi guys! :) Due to Esther's birthday, which was at the end of August, we did a little celebration last Friday at her home on the countryside. Our group of friends consists of seven people, however one of them unfortunately couldn't make it (due to her studies abroad). Esther served us some delicious treats, beginning with a chocolate mousse in the late afternoon topped with raspberries and blackberries. As you can imagine, it was simply delicious! :) 

Later on we indulged in some yummy salads, one was pasta, the other one was a mixture of wheat grains, goat cheese and avocado. Y. U. M.! In addition to that, Esther made this amazing cheese-bread, by simply cutting lines in the loaf of bread and putting slices of cheese in them! Genius! And so tasty!

At the end of the evening we went up to Esther's room and ate some more,- this time it was chocolate and chips (an old tradition) and watched Esther unpack her presents. :)

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