Hey guys! :) About a week ago, I met my up with my good friend Anja who's going to study abroad in Hamburg in the upcoming semester. We had a lovely breakfast at one of her favourite places in Vienna, called Joseph.

As you can see, our food choices were superb! :) After drooling all over our breakfast plates, we exchanged gifts. To be precise- only I was planning to hand out a going-away-present to Anja, which consisted of a black photobook, photo corners (both to use as travel diary supplies), - a passport cover and a travel wallet. Since Anja is the exact same photo-aficionado as I am, she immediately had to take an instagram picture of her present. Ha! :)

And now comes the incredibly sweet part: Since I was never exactly sure whether I should continue my master's degree in art history at university or not, Anja gave me this amazing gift bag full of little cute things to convince and motivate me to carry on! 

Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures of the content at home, but I can tell you what was inside: tissues with the printed words "after my studies I'll be a princess", some post-its in the shape of a baby whale (haha so cute), some nutty chocolate treats and an etui! Thanks again Anja for this lovely present, you made my day! :)

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