the perfect dinner.


                  H  E  L  L  O     B  O  Y  S     A  N  D     G  I  R  L  S! 

Long time, no see,- I guess. I am really sorry for my/our long absence these days, there's simply a lot going lately. To give you a quick update: I've been working on a huge photography project these past weeks,- (I had the honour to be the wedding photographer of a lovely young couple), that's why I've been some sort of m.i.a. the last couple of days. Also, I've been researching and preparing for a presentation at university, which turned out to be a little more time-consuming than I had thought. But now the holidays are here and I have plenty of time to finish up the wedding photo project without any stressful thoughts on my mind! :) To kind of celebrate the beginning of summer, my boyfriend and I had decided to go to a fantastic little restaurant last Saturday that is situated in the patio of the hotel where my sister and her husband got married last year. The restaurant's name is   C O L L I O  and truly is a marvellous place to escape to from the hustle of the city. Even though it is quite expensive, the food is absolutely worth it! But see for yourselves ... 

Lovely, huh? :) P.S.: The dessert up there a.k.a. the meal that made Mike weep and ecstasiate was cherries filled with nougat topped by lemon sorbet. Do I need to say more? :)

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