lovely wednesday.


Hello you guys! :) I hope I didn't scare you away with my giant face greeting you at the top of today's blogpost? Well, hopefully not. As today was my day off from work I decided to meet up with my aunt Susi at Cafe Dommayer, our new favourite lunch-place.

We ordered ourselves some really yummy food and chatted about anything and everything!

After lunch I decided to take a quick stroll through the Schönbrunner Park, which is absolutely delightful during spring time. :) 

Wandering around the park I once again realized how fortunate I am to be living in Vienna, such a fantastic, versatile and picturesque city. 

As it had gotten pretty windy in the late afternoon (the weather forecast states that there will be a heavy storm tomorrow - hold on to your hats!), I decided to enter the so called "Wüstenhaus" right next to the Schönbrunner Zoo, which basically is a palm house that houses plants and (mostly) free running animals from the desert.

 (That little fella reminded me of me,- eating nonstop and carefree in front of other people).

There also was this really cool fish tank were you could stick your hand into the water and those little creatures would start picking off the dead skin! (Not that that 6 year old boy up there was in urgent need of such a skin care programme, but whatever)!

On my way back to the subway station I ran into a colleague of mine from work, Winnye, who had just bought his mother this incredibly cute fluffy koala bear from the Zoo Shop, which I immediately snatched out of his arms and ran away. (No, not really, that was my plan. What actually happened was that I took a picture of the cute plushy guy and that was it. Oh well ... 

Alright, and that was it for today. I hope you guys had a lovely afternoon as well and enjoyed today's quick blogpost! :) Have a lovely night!

(And no, that's not my apartment. Darn it.)

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