bachelor of arts.


Hello guys! :) Besides gaining one of the probably most wonderful titles there are in this world - AUNT - only a few days ago, I am from today on officially Bachelor of Arts (in Art History). You may also call me Aunt Vicky the Bachelor now. "Will you accept this rose?" Sorry, couldn't resist making that witty little joke which just proved once more that I am not deserving of this title at all, watching trash TV all day long. Alright, but ugly truth aside,- I was due gaining that title I guess, as there were some difficulties along the way that kept me from reaching this aim. But now - finally - my BA study's finished and I am happy that my effort has finally been appreciated. As I had already submitted my graduation application form two weeks ago, my family, my bofriend and I decided to celebrate in one of our favourite restaurants called Looshaus. You might remember the name as Esther has already been there as well and posted pictures of this particular place last summer.

We really had a marvellous meal (3 courses in my case) and enjoyed every little bit of it! :) I also got something absolutely awesome as a graduation-gift, which I'll reveal to you in one of the upcoming posts. Stay tuned! 
Have a lovely day you guys! :)

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