cuddling with ... sore throat.

understandably, this title is in need of an explanation. let's start with this question: have you ever heard of GIANTmicrobes before? if not, you're in for a treat. a few days ago, after esther had been batteling a terrible cold, I thought to myself: what could possibly cheer her up? maybe a new book? no. maybe a necklace with a moustache pendant on it? no. some macaroons? no. (well yes, actually, so I bought them too) but THE FOLLOWING thing had to make her happy. a plushy microbe in the form of a streptococcus bacteria!! (for the nonscientific people among us: also known as 'sore throat'- bacteria) isn't that genius? I loved the idea of giving someone their own illness represented by a fluffy, cute and seemingly harmless little fella. 

here's a pic of sore throat cuddling with bobo the frog (another one of esther's plushy friends).

for the record: bobo's not wearing a tutu (he's a boy after all), that's just part of his ensemble as a bath scrub. as you can see, the two of them are deeply in love and pretty inseparable till this day. 

bobo and sore throat. a love story.

for more information on GIANTmicrobes go to:

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