san francisco.

hey guys! how've you been? we are so sorry for not being able to post anything on this blog for more than a month now. our summer's been pretty busy if you can believe it! we've spent two whole weeks in SFC in september and had an amazing time! we would like to share some pictures with you now, finally, and again apologize for our long absence.
have a nice week! :)

                                     E & V


  1. oh wow, looks like you had a great time! these photos are incredibly beautiful, they make me wanna go to sanfran immediately. oh and you've seen the golden gate bridge without fog? heard that's not that often, should be pretty foggy there.. so so jealous :-(

  2. hi there fox hunter!
    we did have a great time, absolutely. the weather was fantastic most of the time and we chose one of the sunniest days to visit the GGB. we really were lucky, there was absolutely no fog, only at night.
    thanks so much for your nice comment btw, you're incredibly sweet! :)